"What is the duty of all mankind but to learn to live at peace with one another?"   

Audio Messages

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  The below listed audio files are presented in RealAudio. If you don't already have the free RealPlayer, click on the icon above. You can download a copy of the RealPlayer 8 free at this site to download and install it on your computer. You only need the FREE version; you do not need to purchase RealPlayer Plus.

  The following audio files are radio broadcasts by Herbert W. Armstrong. To listen to the audio you can either click on the "listen" icon or you can download the file and save it to your hard drive. To save the file, right click on the "download" icon and then click on "Save Link As..." Save the file to a folder. After saving it, double click on the real play icon of your saved file. The Realplayer should come up and play the audio file.

HWA Radio Broadcast Title Listen On Line Download
  How To Search For Truth  
  Many Deceivers Preach In Christ's Name  
  The Parable Of The Sower  
  HWA Sermons:
  Prophecy - Pt 6  
   More on Prophecy  

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