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To provide an escape from the daily pressures and stress experienced by scores of thousands of office workers, executive and white collar workers, home-makers, as well as laborers in the manufacturing, construction, and service industries.
This web-site does not help those who despise engaging in self-improvement, higher education, philosophical thought, development of the individual potential or the increase in knowledge and understanding for its own sake.

The main theme of this site relates to the development of a selfless attitude towards all others, regardless of race, sex, or religion, a striving to help others when its in our power to help them, learning to exercise our innate responsibilities towards those that are less fortunate than ourselves, and being grateful for those opportunities and blessings that we have received.

I hope that this site will help the viewer to: (1) take his/her mind off the immediate pressures of the job, (2) to feel more relaxed after a brief hiatus at this web-site, and (3) feel less burdened by the daily pressures of the job or environment that seem to bear down on us all.


This web-site encompasses a number of subsections/webpages, each one is dedicated to a specific topic. The topics have been arranged as follows:

About The Author
This is a short autobiography that will briefly acquaint the viewer with my background, at least enough so I won't be a complete stranger to my audience.
Notes - 03/04/03
This subsection of the web page relates to thoughtful quotes obtained from various sources as well as my own thoughts. Clicking on the title of this paragraph will take you to my new website where this page has been moved permanently. You can return to this webpage by clicking on the Uncle H's Hideaway link at the bottom of the Notes page.
Hints & Tips - 7/8/05
This subsection of the web page provides helpful hints from my own experience as well as from outside sources such as Reader's Digest, and Hints from Heloise and other sources as I may find.
Poetry - 7/8/05
This subsection of the web page contains my poems written during a brief interlude in his life but have not been previously published. Some of the poems are presented for the viewer's reading pleasure. Please obtain the author's permission prior to copying the poems for commercial purposes.
Recipes - 7/8/05
This subsection of the web page contains various recipes for cooking, baking, or making non-bake, non-cook desserts. The recipes presented may be under a copyright. Before taking the recipes for commercial printing purposes, check the subsection for the name of the person/company holding the copyright.
Favorite URLs - 7/8/05
This subsection of the web page provides some interesting and enlightening URLs that the viewer may want to visit for additional entertainment or information.

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About The Author:

I have been employed by the U.S. Department of Justice as a CPA and Auditor since 1991. My duties as an Auditor have included audits of Department of Justice Boards, Offices, and Divisions to determine compliance with Government regulations and effective management of resources. My main job now consists of auditing Government contractors to identify overcharges as well as possible fraudulent activities. Prior to becoming an auditor, I was a member of the United States Air Force for a period in excess of 20 years. I served in various states such as Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, as well as in the RVN and Germany. Upon retirement I was hired by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and worked in both California and Virginia before transferring to the Department of Justice. I have a 13 year-old daughter and a large extended family in the mid-western United States. I was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands and immigrated to the United States in the mid-1950s and now reside near Alexandria, Virginia.

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